Education & Training

Arizona State University: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Major in Finance, 1970.
Graduate courses include Real Estate Principle, Appraisal and Investments.
U. S. Department of the Navy – MCB-11- Seabees proudly served two tours in Viet Nam, 1966 to 1968. As a Combat Seabee Veteran.

Bolger Academy courses include the following:

  • Leasing and Property Management
  • Procurement Contract Law
  • Relocation Law: USPS and Federal
  • Environmental Law
  • Archaeological Historical Preservation Law
  • Appraisal
  • Termination of Government Contracts
  • Claims, Disputes and Protests
  • Architectural Barriers Compliance
  • Contract Law
  • Practical Negotiation Strategies and Techniques
  • Time Management

Skills & Supplemental Information

Master negotiator and management skills. knowledge of real estate law, commercial real estate, financing methods and techniques, and real property appraisal techniques.

Ability to collect, develop, analyze market data to perform land and property appraisals and to conduct comparative analysis on sites. Ability to read and understand boundary and topographic surveys.